About Us

Our jewelry is handmade sterling silver 925 designed for modern women for everyday to wear. Our design inspiration comes from nature, geometric shapes, authentic and historical patterns.
We customize  fine jewelry with  beautiful birthstones. and by engraving names, initials or special dates on nameplate bracelet, disk pendant necklace or rings!
Our story started from our love to simplicity that you can show through your jewelry. Every season we come up with different collection inspired by the season and the month!
Personalized with Hand-Engraving
We Engrave your name, initials and special dates. Make your jewelry special with your own words, symbols and numbers.

Personalized With Birthstone

Personalize your jewelry with your birthstone or your lover's birthstone by just choosing your month gemstone.Our birthstones are synthetic lab-created gemstone. Stone created in a lab are physically chemically and optically identical to those mines underground but they have fewer flaws and cost less and have been made in the right way.

What is the difference between a precious stone, a semiprecious stone , and a gemstone? A precious stone and a semi-precious stone are both classifications of gemstones. the term “precious stone” versus “semi-precious stone” is a commercial term that simply isn’t always applicable. They are terms were created as a marketing tool by the people who were looking to sell precious stones. Precious stones are diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. all other stones are considered semi-precious stones. 

Birthstones By Months:
Deep red garnet is for January
Purple amethyst is for February
Light blue aquamarine is for March
White cubic zirconia & diamond is for April
Dark green emerald is for May
Light purple amethyst & pearl is for June
Red ruby is for July
Light green peridot is for August 
Dark blue sapphire for September 
Pink tourmaline is for October
Yellow gold citrine & yellow gold topaz is for November
Blue topaz & blue zirconia is for December

Let your jewelry be special everyday!

Sterling Sisters

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